Resposable and Disposable Covers and Sheaths

capsboxDisposable Caps
(Box of 1000 – 20 sleeves of 50 each)

Latex free. Fits all TemporalScanner thermometers using disposables.
Order #134203.



LXN_wrap1Probe Wrap
(PCT-2500 Carton of 2500)

wrapboxLatex free. Fits all ear thermometers. Use with LXN Axillary and DT-1001 LT Dermatemp. To use with TemporalScanner on a completely diaphoretic patient, or on a patient with burns involving the temporal artery area, position one film strip across the temporal artery area (like a BandAid). The film strip will self-adhere as long as the area remains moist. The probe wrap is not recommended for use on head of the TAT-5000 as it will result in low temperatures.
Order #128800.


sheathTAT5000Tubular Sheaths
(Box of 250)

sheathsboxLatex free. Complete covering for optimum cross-contamination protection. Fits all temporal artery thermometers, all ear thermometers, and the LXN axillary thermometer.
Order #129462.

Check out our PDF on Infection Control Considerations.

Wall Mounts

Keyless Locking Wall Mount
Instrument Holder






134306 Keyless Locking Wall Mount w/ Instrument Holder and Cap Holder
Holder plus integrated cap dispenser shown with caps







Instrument Holder
Convenient wall-mounted cradle.






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Security Cable – Field Attachment
8 ft. Coiled Rubber – Latex Free Order #124311
6 ft. vinyl-covered steel, Order #134302
8 ft. vinyl-covered steel, Order #134030
All models of the Keyless Locking Wall Mount illustrated above can be used with or without cables. Security cables are sold separately.Suggestions for Selection:

  • If instruments are to be secured at the nurses station, consider the keyless locking wallmount 134305 or 134306 without a cable.
  • If instruments are to be mounted one per bed, or in a dedicated area (triage for example), consider 134201 with the coiled cable 124311.
  • If instruments are to be attached to an existing rolling stand, or a vital signs monitor, consider the vinyl covered steel cable 134302

OTHER ACCESSORIES                                                                          PART #

Resposable Caps – Contains 20 bags of 250 caps each 134205