Dual Security System – 20 Temperature Lockout Thermometer


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Protect your Exergen Thermometer with a simple to use Dual security system.

TAT-5000 display will lock after 20 scans for added security. To unlock the device, the TAT-5000 Dual Security Thermometer REQUIRES the special Keyless Locking Wall Mount to reset the device. Choose either Part Number 134307 or 134308 wall mounts.

Part Number: 124392
  • Very accurate temperature measurement
  • Non-invasive, so fast, safe and comfortable for the patient
  • Fast, easy, and convenient for both doctors and nurses
  • Low cost: payback less than 1 year.
  • Independent studies show 90% hospital cost reduction compared to other thermometers
  • More sustainable use of cover is optional, therefore, a future with NO WASTE
  • Industrial-duty construction
  • Lifetime Warranty – unique to thermometry
  • Chemically resistant materials stand up to harsh disinfectants
  • Supported by over 100 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies

Package includes Exergen TAT-5000 Professional Temporal Artery Thermometer special edition that automatically locks after 20 temperature scans.

Special keyless Locking Wall Mount to reset Dual Security locking device. Part Number 134307.

Special keyless Locking Wall Mount with Caps holder to reset Dual Security locking device. Part Number 134308.


Weight 1 lbs