Supporting Nurses & Families At Risk

Exergen Launches Nurse Support Program to Ensure Access to an Accurate Thermometer at Home to Protect Themselves and Their Families Studies prove that patient-facing nurses and their households have a three- and two-fold increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, respectively. New… Read more »

Singulex Early Stage Biomarker Detection

Singulex uses immunoassay testing to detect biomarkers. The process is a biochemical test that measures the presence or absence of a small molecule in a solution by using an antibody or an antigen. Immunoassays rely on the ability of the antibody or antigen to recognize and bind to a specific macromolecule.

Accurate Temperature Readings Now Even More important as London Locks Down and EU Set to Deploy Vaccine

Temporal Artery Thermometers deliver extremely accurate measurement of patients’ core body temperature   Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, has announced that with London and many parts of the South East of England… Read more »

Exergen Global Expands AutoSmart IRt/c Sensor Line

Exergen Global today announced two new family members to its AutoSmart IRt/c sensor line being the M4 and M4SV editions. The AutoSmart Transmitter is the first transmitter in the world capable of fully calibrating Exergen IRt/c sensors to provide unprecedented… Read more »