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New Studies Show that People who are COVID-Positive with Symptoms are 26 Times More Likely to Spread the Virus Than Those Who Are Asymptomatic

The data indicated that 18% of COVID patients who had symptoms spread the virus in the household, while only 0.7% of those without symptoms transmitted it.

Supporting Nurses & Families At Risk

Exergen Launches Nurse Support Program to Ensure Access to an Accurate Thermometer at Home to Protect Themselves and Their Families Studies prove that patient-facing nurses and their households have a three- and two-fold increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, respectively. New vaccines promise to reduce the risks, but they are not perfect and have side effects …

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Singulex Early Stage Biomarker Detection

Singulex uses immunoassay testing to detect biomarkers. The process is a biochemical test that measures the presence or absence of a small molecule in a solution by using an antibody or an antigen. Immunoassays rely on the ability of the antibody or antigen to recognize and bind to a specific macromolecule.

Exergen Expands its Autosmart IRt/C Product Line with the AGRI Version Focused on Smartly Enhancing Accurate Results in Horticultural

Exergen Expands its Autosmart IRt/C Product Line with the AGRI Version Focused on Smartly Enhancing Accurate Results in Horticultural

Exergen Corporation Expands into Austria

The TAT-5000S Temporal Artery Thermometers are based on a very innovative infrared technology.

COVID-19 Response in Ireland Sees ICU’s Supplied with Exergen TAT-5000S Thermometers

“In the battle against COVID-19 it is crucial that doctors and nurses are able to very accurately determine the core body temperature of a patient”, says Joaquin Azpilicueta, Director of Sales Europe, Africa and Latin America at Exergen Corporation.

Exergen Corporation Delivers on its Mission to Meet Thermometer Demand – Because Accuracy Matters

New Campaigns Incentivize People to Trade-In Their Non-Contact Thermometers; Motivate Employers to Protect Nurses, and Educate Consumers About Twice Daily Temperature Taking at Home

Understanding Field of View

IRt/c’s are rated optically for their field-of-view by the actual dimensional equations describing their construction. However, there are, in practice, some secondary effects that can influence performance,

Exergen Corporation Expands into Spain with Galmedica as a New Distributor

Galmedica will sell and support a full line of non-invasive high-tech thermometers for use in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Bread and Pastry Dough Mixing Temperature

 Measuring the temperature of bread and pastry dough while mixing is difficult at best with conventional contact thermocouple probes, due to breakage and possible contamination of the food. However, the temperature is quite important since too high a temperature will cause too much rise, leading to holes in the baked product, and too low a …

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