Exergen signs agreement with Diagramm Halbach for distribution of Temporal Artery Thermometers in Germany

| December 9, 2022

Exergen Corporation, the leader in infrared temperature measurement for medical applications, is pleased to announce that Diagramm Halbach has signed an agreement to distribute the TAT-5000S-EC and TAT-2000-EC Temporal Artery Thermometers in Germany.

Exergen signs agreement with Diagramm Halbach for distribution

According to Martin Piela, Medical Director at Diagramm Halbach, Diagramm Halbach is a family-owned business that specializes in healthcare products. “Our company, based in Schwerte, Germany, specializes in medical products and services that ensure a patient’s safety and wellbeing. As a system supplier for patient monitoring, the product range of Diagramm Halbach is tailored to the needs of the daily clinic life while the safety of your patients is of highest priority to us. We provide our customers with all the essential accessories in the fields of intensive care and functional diagnostics, including SpO2 sensors, ECG patient cables, blood pressure cuffs, temperature probes, rechargeable and single use batteries as well as special lamps. In this product portfolio, Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometers are a perfect fit”.

Francesco Pompei, founder and CEO of Exergen Corporation, is pleased to collaborate with Diagramm Halbach to bring the TAT-5000S-EC and TAT-2000-EC to the German market. “The German healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Exergen is honored to help change the way doctors and nurses in Germany take temperatures.”

Exergen offers two models of Temporal Artery Thermometers for use in hospitals and other professional healthcare facilities:

  • The TAT-5000S-EC is designed for large hospitals with high patient volumes. The TAT-5000S-EC is already integrated in a number of well-known spot monitors, such as Philips SureSigns VS4, GE Healthcare VC*150, V100, Corometric Midmark IQvitals Zone, Capsule SmartLinx Vitals Plus, Spacelabs Qube, Xprezzon Qube Mini, Schiller Diagnostic Station DS20, and Mindray Accutorr 7 Series and VS-900 Series.
  • The TAT-2000-EC is a highly accurate professional lite thermometer that will allow doctors and nurses to quickly measure a patient’s body temperature. The TAT-2000-EC is very robust and comes with a 7 years warranty. The TAT-2000-EC is very easy to use and greatly improves productivity of doctors and nurses.

Among the many benefits of Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometers are:

  • Highly accurate temperature measurement: 1000 measurements per second guarantees that the Temporal Artery Thermometer measures the highest temperature in the temporal artery.
  • Safe and very comfortable for the patient.
  • Non-invasive because all it takes to perform a very accurate reading is a gentle swipe with the thermometer across the forehead of a person.
  • Very fast/efficient: a very accurate measurement takes just 2-3 seconds.
  • Very affordable.
  • Highly robust and very easy to clean.
  • The technology on which the Temporal Artery Thermometer is based is supported by more than 100 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies.
  • Some professional models come with a Lifetime Warranty.
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