AARL Reviews Features the Exergen Temporal Scanner

| June 23, 2016

Amy & Aaron’s Real Life Reviews recently featured a baby shower gift guide that included Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometer. Amy & Aaron note that when a baby is not feeling well, it is hard to get them to sit still long enough to get an accurate reading from a regular digital thermometer. However, with the Temporal Artery Thermometer by Exergen getting an accurate temperature is so simple: “This is so simple to use. Hold the button, swipe across the forehead to temple, and release the button. It's so cool because this technology is so accurate.”

Amy & Aaron also highlight the best features of the Temporal Artery Thermometer. These features include “lighted display that makes reading it easier, displays in °F or °C, has 8 temperature memory.” Amy & Aaron conclude their review by saying “I love this scanner!”

Read the Full Exergen Thermometer Review

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