Upgrade your Ear and Electronic Thermometers to Exergen TAT-5000 Temporal Artery Thermometers

Cost Benefits:

  • $100 Upgrade Credit per Thermometer
  • 100% Reduction in Operating Costs
  • Less Than 1 Year Payback
  • 100% Reduction in Waste
  • Lifetime Warranty

Clinical Benefits:

  • Highest Patient Satisfaction
  • Highest Nursing Satisfaction
  • Highest Biomed Satisfaction
  • Use on All Ages and in All Clinical Settings
  • More than 80 peer-reviewed published clinical studies supporting accuracy

Click here to provide Exergen with your information to obtain this credit and trade in your ear and electronic thermometers.

Q&A's on Green Cash Flow Offer

Q: How does the $100 upgrade credit work?

A: For every new TAT-5000 thermometer purchased, Exergen will credit the hospital $100 each for every hospital grade ear or electronic thermometer taken out of service and sent to Exergen.

Q: Can I purchase through a distributor and still qualify for
the $100 upgrade credit?

A: Yes. If the TAT-5000’s are purchased through an authorized Exergen distributor, proof of purchase needs to be sent to Exergen to qualify for the $100 upgrade credit (or direct payment) to the hospital.

Q: What thermometers will be accepted for the $100 trade in credit?

A: Any hospital grade ear or oral/rectal electronic thermometer that is in currently in use at the hospital.

Q: What does a one year payback mean?

A: Since ear and electronic thermometers have operating costs of $300 or more per year per thermometer, and a TAT-5000 with the $100 upgrade credit will cost much less than $300 to purchase, payback on the Exergen purchase will be well under one year.

Q: What does the 100% reduction in waste mean?

A: Studies show that each staffed bed produces more than 30 pounds of waste per day. Included in that total are thermometer probe covers, broken probes/cables, and discarded thermometers. Exergen requires zero disposables.

If the TAT-5000’s are returned for replacements, the returned units are recycled into refurbished units. The refurbished units are also covered by the Lifetime Warranty. The hospital has zero costs and zero waste after purchasing the Exergen TAT-5000.

Q: What does 100% reduction in operating costs mean?

A: Ear and electronic thermometers have annual operating costs to use, including probe covers necessary for each use, probe replacements from breakage, repair charges from limited warranties, user abuse, and significant biomed costs for in house service. This can run about $300 per year or more per thermometer in use.

Exergen TAT-5000 thermometers have zero operating costs. Disposables are optional and can be reused on the same patient. Under the Lifetime Warranty, Exergen will repair or replace at no charge.

Q: How often are the optional disposable probe caps used?

A: On average, the optional disposable covers are used on about 5% of temperatures taken. This is a negligible cost and waste compared to ear and electronic thermometers.