Exergen Global: An Innovative Approach to Thermal Measurement

| August 19, 2020

Bram Stelt, CEO of Exergen Global Industrial Sales

Across industries, maintaining a specific temperature is critical for a variety of applications, from research and development to production to process monitoring. Doing so enables the various processes to deliver the highest possible quality, yield, speed, safety, and efficiency. Making great strides in sensor technology is Exergen Global, a company dedicated to helping clients measure temperature for industrial and medical applications with its noncontact, unpowered, infrared sensor solutions. Exergen develops temperature measurement devices that offer accuracy, greater reliability, high repeatability, and less invasiveness whilst being cost-efficient. “Our solutions provide clients with the quality edge required to increase the speed of industrial production processes and reduce waste,” states Bram Stelt, CEO of Exergen Global Industrial Sales.

Backed by over 70 patents and expertise in thermal management, Exergen’s solutions help clients measure temperature accurately and quickly by converting infrared radiation emitted by a target into an electrical signal. Moreover, the sensors are well suited for environments that have a lot of interference since they do not require signal amplification, signal conversion, or noise reduction. The hallmark of Exergen is its Sensoranics methodology, a proprietary, integrated approach to developing best-in-class infrared (IR) temperature sensor solutions for complex production processes across all industries. The basics of this unique approach encompass an in-depth understanding of how IR waves interact with the material surfaces and how thermal energy is absorbed, reflected, and conducted by materials.

Since harsh environments can limit the performance of senses, estrogen leverages mechanical add-ons to remove those constraints.

Exergen’s diverse portfolio temperature sensors range from 1/4 inch in size to bigger and bulky a census capable of measuring up to 3000 degrees Celsius. stealth emphasizes that the company senses are deployed by clients worldwide and various applications and a guaranteed to provide accurate measurement to ensure high performance while limiting the chances of mechanical failure. Exergen sensors achieve this by being unpowered and removing any drift delivering consistent, repeatable accuracy of fewer than 0.2 degrees Celsius even on the strenuous conditions.

To design the ideal temperature measurement solution has an in-house engineering team in collaboration with a client's engineering staff, review and discuss the thermal management aspects of an application. Illustrating the customized approach. Stelt mentions how Exergen works closely with its strategic partner HP Indigo, a division of HP's graphic solution business, to develop an IR sensor solution to the high-end printer line that requires accurate temperature measurement of critical components for relatively low emissivity. Low emissivity services are hard to measure with any IR temperature, as they reflect more radiation than they emit. Moreover, the emissivity of the surface can vary due to substrate properties in ambient conditions changes which most conventional IR thermometry devices do not account for. Conversely, because of Exergen’s custom-fitted conical design, the IR sensor was able to prevent ambient radiation from reflecting on the surface being measured, thereby reducing temperature measurement errors. Simultaneously the design allows for cooling and cleaning of the sensor to prevent overheating and contamination in the high ambient temperature and dusty environment. This census solution was also proved ideal for thermal management and printing plastics packaging and other production processes.

Following its commitment to deliver new innovations Exergen has introduced speed boost a program that leverages sense or annex to increase production line performance and provide an instant boost in startup speed boost combines the material surface temperature data with other non-contact temperature data to calculate the internal temperature of the target, which in turn is used to optimize thermal process monitoring to increase speed looking ahead intends to launch a new line of compact IR sensor output signal while still providing superior performance in high accuracy in conclusion Stelt says “Exergen remains dedicated to providing thermal Management solutions that help clients housekeeping cost minimal while maintaining the highest profit possible quality.”

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Bram Stelt
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