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Forehead Thermometer Accuracy

Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometer (TAT), sometimes called a forehead thermometer, is the top-selling thermometer at retailers for the third consecutive year. Temporal Artery Thermometers have continued to satisfy customers by providing unparalleled forehead thermometer accuracy. The Temporal Artery Thermometer is the #1 choice of pediatricians in the United States and is supported by over 40 peer-reviewed published studies, and world-renowned for providing fast, accurate, and non-invasive results.

Accuracy of Exergen forehead thermometers have been proven to be better than the accuracy of common temperature recording devices such as an ear thermometer or oral reading and as accurate as rectal thermometers. Not only are the readings from an Exergen forehead thermometer more accurate than older methods of recording temperatures, it is also is much easier and more comfortable for the child, or adult, whose temperate is being taken. The Temporal Artery Thermometer allows for the temperature to be taken without disturbing a sleeping child and can help reduce a child’s anxieties when having their temperature taken.

With a gentle swipe across the forehead, an Exergen forehead thermometer is able to provide precise and accurate temperature readings from infants to adults. It is important to move the forehead thermometer in a straight line across the forehead and into the hairline, not down the side of the face, if you would have to remove a person’s glasses you are not taking the temperature reading correctly.The TAT works by scanning the infrared heat from the arterial blood supply at approximately 1000 frames per second. This data is then synthesized with the arterial heat balance, which is also measured by the thermometer by recording the ambient temperature, in order to produce an accurate temperature reading.

How to Use your Forehead Thermometer

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