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Clean Air Purge for microIRt/c’s

The Challenge Infrared temperature sensors are ideally suited for use in manufacturing, textiles, printing and other production settings. They provide a highly effective solution to ensure machinery does not overheat or otherwise malfunction. Oil, thread, dust, airborne chemicals and other debris emitted during production can quickly obscure the IR temperature sensing heads.  The smallest amount […]

Infrared Fixation on Large Format Printers

General Information Flags, carpet, tiles and everything else that is printed on Large Format Printers with protective paint needs to be completely dried, cured or fixated before the end-products can be cut, folded, or otherwise worked on. Depending on the paint, most of the inks are water-based and short- or middle wavelength IR lamps can […]

How the Pit Viper Measures Infrared Radiation

Like the IRt/c Infrared Thermocouple, the pit viper has the ability to “see” infrared radiation. Pit vipers comprise a family of snakes that share a sophisticated thermal adaptation that stems from the evolution of specialized pit organs located near their eyes.

Exergen Global’s Temperature Sensor Ensures Safety, Efficiency for Ablation System

Exergen Non-Contact Sensor Plays Key Role in NeuWave Medical’s Certus® 140 Cooling System NeuWave Medical Inc. develops devices that deliver energy to the human body to treat a variety of serious medical conditions. The company’s Certus® 140 Microwave Ablation System is the premier soft tissue ablation offering worldwide. It is a platform product with expanding […]

Measuring Blood Temperature in Perfusion Systems

To ensure that the correct blood temperature is maintained from start to finish, the amount of heat applied to the blood must be tightly controlled and be adjusted to the flow and inlet temperature of the donor blood.

Non-Contact Heat Sealing Temperature Control for Packaging Machinery with IRt/c’s

IRt/c infrared thermocouples can accurately control the temperature of rotating and moving stainless steel heaters common in the packaging industry, without touching the heaters.  Typically, uncoated stainless steel heaters are difficult for IR sensors to measure reliably because of reflected infrared signals that can change after a heater surface is cleaned. The solution to this […]

Vacuum Sealing Packing Machines

We like our food to be as fresh as can be. Vacuum-Sealing packaging can extend the shelf life of food products by preventing exposure to the natural atmosphere, thereby slowing down the microbial deterioration of the product.

Tips & Tricks in the IR Market

Infrared temperature sensors or IR Sensors function in a similar way: they detect infrared radiation and convert it into a signal to process. Only infrared temperature sensors don't pick up the visible light.

Through the Looking Glass

The Story of Alice’s Quest for Emissivity “It’s all done with mirrors!’’ “What do I see when I look in my mirror?” asked Alice. “I see myself, of course.” “But what about the mirror why can’t I see the mirror itself” she pondered. “Maybe it’s because the mirror is invisible? Na, if it were, I […]

Speeding Up Offset, Digital, Inkjet Drying Processes

The surface temperature of a “wet” substrate will change (rise) very slowly as constant heat is applied to the product. This occurs because the moisture in the substrate absorbs much of the heat energy as it evaporates.

Exergen’s Non-Contact Sensors Protect Equipment Using Flanged Inline Heaters

A large electric air heating solutions company needed a very fast thermal management solution to prevent overheating of the air heater element used in its flanged inline heaters. The heaters are employed in industrial processing and R&D settings and are built to handle a wide range of extremely demanding process heat applications.

Amateur NASCAR Race Team Drives Winning Results with Exergen Thermal Sensors

Chapmanville, West Virginia resident Lee Rayburn and his teammates have been involved in amateur stock car racing for more than two decades, at first competing in the US Legend Cars races. Two years ago, the team, known as Sniper Motorsport, shifted gears and moved to larger NASCAR Limited Late Model Stock Cars. Rayburn, a civil […]

Exergen Global Introduces PEKO Thermal Dynamic Management Solution

PEKO Thermal Dynamic Management Solution WATERTOWN, MA and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands-Exergen Global has announced the industry’s only noncontact thermal dynamic management solution to combine a proprietary-design cooling mechanism with a unique emissivity control device to provide accurate, repeatable thermal measurement results in industrial settings under extreme conditions, with ambient temperatures as high as 500oC. Exergen […]

Exergen’s Sensors Help Develop A Solution To Ensure Safe Blood Transfusions

Exergen Global Joins with SCB to help it Conquer Complexity in Building Fluid Infusion Systems that Maintain Precise Temperatures of Blood Products Exergen Global today announced that its Micro IRt/c-HB infrared non-contact sensors are being used to measure blood product temperatures in the ThermaCor® 1200 Rapid Thermal Infuser. This was designed and developed by Smisson-Cartledge […]

Introducing the NEW D501LN, Handheld Scanner Featuring the Extended Nosepiece for Safety and Ease of Use

New Scanner Includes all Features Found in DX501 Exergen Global today introduced the D501LN, a handheld certified infrared scanner (Infrared Temperature Sensor) that provides all the features found in Exergen’s DX501, with an extended nosepiece to enhance safety and ease-of-use. The length of the nosepiece in the D501LN is 1.75” (44.45 mm). The DX501 nosepiece […]

Exergen Global Exhibiting at Expos in China Featuring Novus Game Changer

Game Changer Infrared Novus Solution at Infrared Applications Expo and Sensor China Expo Exergen Global, will be exhibiting at The Infrared Applications Expo, being held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, booth number 1D96, September 5-8, and at Sensor China Expo & Conference, held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, […]

Exergen Global Expands Presence in Israel

Exergen Global announced today that Robotics & Automation is an official distributor of Exergen’s infrared non-contact temperature sensors in Israel. Robotics & Automation established in 1987 to provide engineering solutions for OEM companies such as IBM and Intel, partners with Exergen Global to uncover new OEM opportunities for Exergen’s thermal management solutions. Robotics & Automation […]

Exergen Global Opens Office In China & Introduces Game Changer Infrared Package Solution

Exergen Global, the award-winning thermal sensor solution provider, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Multi IR, a global leader in infrared technologies based in Hangzhou, China. The move is part of Exergen Global’s ongoing strategy to forge partnerships that will help expand its presence and bring its products and services directly […]