Exergen Appoints Ihab Odeh as Commercial Director of Sales & Marketing in Middle East and Africa

| August 1, 2023

MEDICAL VETERAN joins leading Manufacturer of Temporal Artery Thermometers

Exergen Corp, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that is has appointed Ihab Odeh as Commercial Director of Sales and Marketing  in  Middle East and Africa. Odeh will lead the sales and marketing operations of Exergen in these regions. He will work very closely with Exergen’s existing and new distributors. Odeh will be responsible for the sales of the full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers designed and manufactured by Exergen Corporation for both professional use in hospitals and healthcare institutions and at-home use as well and will report to Minkels, Senior Director International Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Need for a very accurate thermometer

“Healthcare is after the pandemic at a crossroad – state of the art medical devices were always very important – but especially in a continent like Africa accuracy, ease of use and efficiency are an ultimate must”, says Ihab Odeh. “A thermometer is the most daily used medical tool in a hospital/clinic. In the African Region there are many types of VH fevers which have and continue to pose serious health risks: Marburg and Ebola haemorrhagic fevers, Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF), Rift Valley fever (RVF), lassa fever, yellow fever and the newly emergent arenavirus”.

I am very excited that I am now able to join Exergen Corporation because Exergen is the market leader when it comes to high-quality thermometry. Both the professional series of Temporal Artery Thermometers as well as the thermometers for at-home use are extremely accurate. The Temporal Artery Thermometer offers more advantages. For example, it is very exciting to see how the TAT-5000 series of thermometers are able to increase the productivity of nurses in ICUs and hospital wards”.

The TAT-5000S is an infrared temporal artery thermometer for use by doctors and professional caretakers in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The TAT-5000S easily stands up to the heavy duty demands of a high-performance hospital workplace, including intensive care units and emergency departments, and all inpatient units. Based on the same infrared technology the TAT-2000 is a light-duty professional model intended for school nurses, nursing homes, and other occasional use clinical settings. The TAT-2000C is the retail version of the TAT-2000 and is aimed at at-home applications.

Highly accurate, non-invasive

The TAT-5000S, TAT-2000 and TAT-2000C are based on a very innovative, patented, infrared technology. They offer many advantages over more traditional methods of determining a patient's body temperature:

  • highly accurate temperature measurement
  • fast, safe and comfortable for the patient
  • quick and easy to use for both doctors and nurses and at-home users
  • low costs, resulting in an average payback period for the TAT-5000 and TAT-2000 of less than 1 year. It is considered the number one device by paediatricians and nurses in the USA.
  • the TAT-5000 is very durable and can be used without throw-away sensor caps to avoid unnecessary waste and costs
  • due to its industrial design the TAT-5000 is covered by a Lifetime Warranty
  • the housing of the thermometer is resistant to aggressive disinfectants
  • the technology on which these thermometers are based are supported by more than 110 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies
  • the TAT-2000C offers at-home users the same accuracy, speed and reliability as the

TAT-5000S and TAT-2000 for use in hospitals – at a very attractive retail price. It is considered the number one device in the USA by moms. 

Focus on innovation

“We are very happy to welcome Ihab Odeh to our team”, says Dr. Frank Pompei, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Exergen Medical. “Ihab is very experienced and senior when it comes to international sales in the medical field. As he is based in Dubai, speaks Arabic and knows the Middle East  and African territory so well, we are very confident that he can play an important role in changing the way the Middle east and Africa take temperature. So we are very excited to be able to work with him as we continue our global roll-out”.

Ideal for patients

“The TAT-5000, the TAT-2000 and the TAT-2000C are non-invasive thermometers, which is ideal for patients,” says Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation. “They are comfortable and very accurate. In addition, the use of the TAT-5000 and the TAT-2000 is in line with hospitals' efforts to make them more sustainable. Since the TAT-5000 and TAT-2000 do not require the use of disposable caps to protect the measuring sensor no unnecessary waste is generated. The TAT-2000C is aimed at at-home users. It is also the at-home thermometer of choice of moms in the US.”

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