NIDEK Medical and Exergen sign an agreement for distribution of Temporal Artery Thermometers in India

| August 19, 2022

Exergen Corporation, the leader in infrared temperature measurement for medical applications, is pleased to announce that NIDEK Medical, a pan Indian Medical distributor,  has signed an agreement to distribute the temporal artery line consisting of the TAT-5000, TAT-2000 and TAT-2000C Temporal Artery Thermometers and accessories in India.

Exergen announces that Nidek Medical Products signed an agreement to distribute the TAT-5000 and TAT-2000 Temporal Artery Thermometers

“NIDEK Medical is delighted to be adding a high-quality brand like Exergen to its portfolio of healthcare products”, says Gaurav Sukhija, Country Manager and Vice President of Sales for India at NIDEK Medical. “We specialize in respiratory care and intensive care. We are committed to providing high-quality medical products backed by efficient service. With over a hundred distributors across the country, NIDEK Medical India has a wide coverage throughout India in order to ensure an accelerated introduction of this state of the art thermometry line”.

The founder and CEO of Exergen Corporation, Dr. Francesco Pompei, is delighted to be collaborating with NIDEK to bring Exergen’s temporal artery thermometer complete family line to the Indian healthcare market. “Exergen considers India to be a very important market. Not only because over one billion people live and work in India, but also because India has some of the best hospitals in the world. We are honored to be able to help change how doctors, nurses and consumers in India take temperature in an easier, more cost-efficient manner whilst providing an accurate reading in only 2 to 3 seconds”.

Exergen offers various models of Temporal Artery Thermometers of hospital-quality and one set for the end consumer

  • The TAT-5000(S) is designed for large hospitals with high patient volumes. The TAT-5000S is already integrated in a number of well-known spot monitors, such as Philips SureSigns VS4, GE Healthcare VC*150, V100, Corometric Midmark IQvitals Zone, Capsule SmartLinx Vitals Plus, Spacelabs Qube, Xprezzon Qube Mini, Schiller Diagnostic Station DS20, and Mindray Accutorr 7 Series and VS-900 Series.
  • The TAT-2000 is a highly accurate professional lite thermometer that will allow doctors and nurses to quickly measure a patient’s body temperature. The TAT-2000 is very robust and comes with a 7 years warranty. The TAT-2000 is very easy to use and greatly improves productivity of doctors and nurses.
  • The TAT-2000C is extremely easy to use, very comfortable on patients and of course highly accurate. The nice thing is that it even can be used whilst a patient is asleep.

Among the many benefits of Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometers are:

  • Highly accurate temperature measurement: 1000 measurements per second guarantees that the Temporal Artery Thermometer measures the highest temperature in the temporal artery.
  • Safe and very comfortable for the patient.
  • Non-invasive because all it takes to perform a very accurate reading is a gentle swipe with the thermometer across the forehead of a person.
  • Very fast: a very accurate measurement takes just 2-3 seconds.
  • Very affordable.
  • Highly robust and very easy to clean.
  • The technology on which the Temporal Artery Thermometer is based is supported by more than 100 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies.
  • Some professional models come with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • The government of India has granted Metrology Certificates to Exergen for the whole family line, being the TAT-5000, TAT-2000 and the TAT-2000C

Dr. Pushpa Goyal, marketing manager for Exergen in India, says, “Exergen is highly committed to the healthcare market in India. We have not only invested in building our brand among all relevant stakeholders, but also have the support organization in place to fully support NIDEK Medical as our distributor with technical assistance and training.”

Exergen part # 850082 Rev 1

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