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Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By Girly Girl Giveaways

Girly Girl Giveaways blog has posted their review and giveaway of Exergen’s Temporal Scanner. The blogger recalls her own experience with her newborn and expressed her doubts about the accuracy of underarm given a squirmy, fussy baby. She highlights her… Read more »

Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By Makobi Scribe

Exergen’s Temporal Scanner Thermometer has been reveiwed by Makobi Scribe. The blogger expresses her concern for flu season and shares both her and her children experience with other thermometers. She goes on to highlight the ease and accuracy of the… Read more »

Exergen Thermometer Featured By Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic’s online website, AZCentral.com has featured the Exergen TemporalScanner in their article, “In-Home Gadgets to Keep You Out of Doc’s Office.” The article shares a list of products that “help you stay in tip-top shape between medical appointments”… Read more »

Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By A Mom’s Take

A Mom’s Take has posted their enthusiastic review of Exergen’s TemporalScanner. The blogger credits Exergen Corporation as one of the top leaders in medical temperature technology and states, “This is by far the best thermometer you can have for your… Read more »

Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By New Day New Deals

The New Day New Deals blog has posted their review of the Exergen TemporalScanner. The blogger shares her personal opinions and elaborates on the science behind it the product as well. She writes, “Why is it better than other thermometers?… Read more »

Guess the Game Time Temperature Contest & Giveaway

Baseball fans remember to visit http://www.GameTimeTemperature.com for a chance to win a FREE Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer this summer. Guess the temperature at the ballpark this baseball season and you won’t have to guess the temperature at home this cold and… Read more »

Exergen Reviewed By Mommy Wants Freebies

Mommy Wants Freebies blog has posted a positive review and video demonstration featuring the Exergen TemporalScanner. Additionally, the article also provides links to the Exergen website and photos of the TemporalScanner. The blogger goes on to claim, “the TemporalScanner Thermometer… Read more »

Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By NY Times

The New York Times website has posted their review of Exergen’s TemporalScanner. The Exergen TemporalScanner is designed to provide non-intrusive and accurate temperatures by measuring the temperature of the skin surface over the temporal artery, located beneath the forehead. The… Read more »

Exergen Temporal Scanner Featured in Bronx Times

The Bronx Times has featured Exergen Temporal Scanner in their “Stock Up Now On Cold & Flu Supplies” article. The feature details how proper diagnosis can make the difference in treating cold and flu and felling relief faster. Attaining an… Read more »

Exergen Featured in Ponca City News

The Ponca City News featured Exergen in their “What Parents Should Know About Fevers” article. Exergen Thermometers are designed to provide accurate temperatures with a gentle forehead scan. For product details and purchase information please visit: www.exergen.com

Exergen Thermometer Reviewed By One Day at a Time

The One Day at a Time blog has posted their review of the Exergen TemporalScanner. The blogger shares her daughter’s discomfort with traditional thermometers and goes on to claim, “Never again!” With the Exergen thermometer, “there was no crying, no… Read more »