OtoTemp™ Veterinary

Core Temperature with striking Speed and Accuracy

black-catTarget the temperature of your patients with fastest safest, most accurate thermometric system in veterinary medicine medicine.In just five seconds, the OTOTEMPTM VETERINARY Infrared Tympanic Temperature Scanner measures core temperature in animals of all sizes – from parakeets to elephants – providing the quickest diagnostic indication with the kindest of noninvasive probes. The OTOTEMP VETERINARY is so easy to use you'll find it indispensable in the clinic. Simply inset the probe into the animal's ear carnal and seen for the tympanic membrane.The patented infrared scanner takes fifty readings in five seconds, looking onto the highest temperature is well accepted by patients…and well appreciated by their owners too.

mpouseQ: What is the OTOTEMP™ VETERINARY Infrared Tympanic Temperature Scanner?
A: The only noninvasive real-time thermometer for veterinary use. The instrument provides core temperature via the tympanic membrane without the need for corrections. The fastest and most cost-effective of any temperature method, the OTOTEMPTM VETERINARY can be used on both mammals and birds.

Q: How Does Tympanic compare to Rectal Temperature?
A: 1. Rectal and tympanic track closely on quiescent patients.
2. Rectal temperature will lag behind tympanic temperature in the presence of thermal dynamics. For instance, on an anesthetized patient, the rectal temperature can lag behind by several degrees, it is possible to immediately recognize the earliest signs of hypothermia.
Recently, a tiny Porneranian underwent a surgical procedure for removal of deciduous teeth. Both tympanic and rectal temperature prior to anesthesia were 102.50 F. The attending veterinarian, shortly after anesthetizing the patient, observed sign of distress and took a second tympanic temperature. This time the OTOTEMP VETERINARY read 870 F, confirming the distress. Warming was instituted immediately, and the Porn survived. The rectal temperature monitor never indicated the temperature drop.
3. Tympanic temperature is not subject to the many artifacts of rectal temperature, such as exercise, hypovolemia, placement, etc. For example, a hyperactive dog, bounding around the waiting room, could have an erroneously high temperature due to the metabolic heat generated by rectal-area muscle. During the summer, a cheetah escaped from its housing at a large zoo. After running the perimeter of the grounds for over an over an hour in 950 F heat, it was caught and brought to the infirmary. The rectal temperature was 1120 F Standard protocol dictated that the animal be euthanized because of the certainty of brain damage. However, when the animal's tympanic temperature was taken with the OTOTEMPTM VETERINARY, it was normothermic at 1020F. Time medical medical director accepted the tympanic reading, and animal the animal was spared. To date, the animal is healthy, with no evidence of brain of brain or other organ damage.
4. Rectal temperature is not without risk of injury both to the animal and to the veterinarian Tympanic measurement eliminates this risk.
5. Rectal temperature measurement, ever with electronic thermometer, is time-consuming and unpleasant. Tympanic temperature measurement is quick, easy, and pleasant for all involved.

Q: Do Other Infrared “Tympanic” Thermometers, Work with Animals?
A: No These instruments, correctly called ear thermometers, are not measuring true tympanic temperature and should not be substituted for the OTOTEMP VETERINARY.Ear thermometers are used with human patients primarily as screening devices. They measure the temperature of the cooler skin of the outer ear canal and add a correction factors are simply not valid for animals The OTOTEMP VETERINARY has no correction factors because none are required When measuring true tympanic temperature.To request technical and clinical data,

Product Specifications
Direct tympanic temperature measurement without corrections
Temperature range: 65oF (18oC) to 130oF (54oC)
Ambient temperature range: 32oF (0 to 110oF 43oC)
Clinical accuracy: _+0.2oF (0.1oC)
Unique scanning feature takes 50 readings per scan loking peak value.
Durable, industrial-grade case, cover by protective copper shielding.
9-volt battery power: approximately 5000 reading per battery
Converts easily to Fahrenheit or cels
Instrument and covers are gas-sterilzable
Cost-efficient disable probe cover

Exergen Corporation manufactures an extensive, line of proprietary scan thermometers, and controls used in a wide variety of medical and industrial application and is the world leader in portable thermal infrared instrumentation. The company is committed to scientific inquiry in order to develop methods of thermometry for patient care.

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