Calibration Verification Kit

Works with all Exergen TemporalScanners

img-reeWhat is the purpose of a calibration verification kit?
It allows the calibration of any Exergen TemporalScanner thermometer to be verified in the hospital, on nursing floors, or in the field, conveniently, quickly, and accurately.

Why is it necessary?
Calibration verification is a commonly required part of routine quality assurance programs, and also is used if a question is raised about the accuracy of a particular thermometer. Actual recalibration of an Exergen thermometer is never required unless it has been physically damaged or experiences component failure, in which case the calibration verification test identifies the problem device, which then is returned to the factory for repair.

What is in the kit?
A special master reference TemporalScanner thermometer of the same model in use by the institution, a portable hand-held reference blackbody, an AC plug-in adapter for long-term use, a 9-volt battery for portable use, and a sealed virtually indestructible carrying case.

Who uses it?
The main users are biomedical/clinical engineering, blood donor and pheresis units (in the United States, blood donor and pheresis units are required by the American Association of Blood Banks to verify thermometers on a daily basis), and many nursing units where accurate temperature is critical such as hematology/oncology, and bone marrow and organ transplant units.

How is it ordered?
The order must include the model and serial number of any one of the thermometers that will be verified. This identification assures an exact calibration match to the special master reference thermometer. The part number is 129003.

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