LXN Neonatal

LXNneonateThe LighTouch LXN Axillary model is designed for use in the NICU, measuring temperature in one second, dramatically minimizing exposure and perturbation for the patient, and nursing time for the staff. The LXN can be used on wet skin, in incubators, during phototherapy, and in the presence of radiant warmers, warming pads, or other heat sources. It can be used to instantly verify ambient, isolette, mother's milk, blood product, feeding solution, or medication temperatures. Requires disposable probe wrap (#128800) or full sheath (#129462). To order Neonatal Axillary Thermometer for infant in warmer or isolette use part # 124250.

LXN_wrap1-1“The authors conclude that the infrared axilla and the glass/mercury axilla methods correlated well with the standard rectal mercury thermometer. The correlation was consistent across variables such as weight, gestational age and environmental temperature.”
Browne et al. Accurate measurement of body temperature in the neonate: A comparative study. J Neonatal Nurs Vol 6, No. 5, 2000.

“Rectal temperatures have been the gold standard in measuring a newborn's temperature,” said John Seguin, associate professor of pediatrics at Ohio State University. “But underarm readings from infrared thermometers can be just as precise and safe and even quicker. It takes less than two seconds to get a result from this type of thermometer.”
Seguin J et al, Clin Pediatr (Phila) 1999 Jan;38(1):35-40.