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Exergen signs Sidem SpA as distributor for full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers in Italy

Exergen Corporation, the global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, is excited to announce that Exergen and Sidem SpA have signed an agreement for the sales and distribution in Italy of the full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers for medical and at-home use. “Sidem SpA is based...
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Webinar: Clever IR Solutions for Agriculture and Greenhouse Applications

Clever IR is presenting Infrared temperature solutions in agriculture and greenhouses: Maximizing sustainable crop yield by optimizing climate conditions. This webinar will explain the benefits of infrared temperature sensing in agriculture and greenhouses for precision farming. The Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT) has revolutionary potential called The Third Green Revolution. A...
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Exergen Global Industrial Sales will become Clever IR Ltd.

Effective November 1, 2021 Exergen Global will have a new name, Clever IR Ltd. The structure of the company will remain the same. With combined experience of close to 100 years in IR temperature sensing, Clever IR will bring you all that they have since 2013 and more. The main...
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Exergen Global Announces Strategic Name Change To CleverIR

CleverIR focusses on its mission to provide customers and partners with a broader line, easy to use, cost-efficient infrared temperature solutions in the industrial field, by diversification Exergen Global, the exclusive worldwide distributor for Exergen Corp.’s high-performing, non-contact infrared sensor line (excluding the USA), has announced it will rebrand itself...
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TemporalScanner, Now Backed By More Than 100 Clinical Studies, Sets Milestone For Proven Accuracy

TemporalScanner Sets Milestone For Proven Accuracy The Only Thermometer with Deep Body of Peer-Reviewed, Published Studies Supporting Accuracy, Non-Invasiveness Across All Healthcare Settings Since Exergen Corporation introduced its TemporalScanner more than 20 years ago, the thermometer has received unmatched support from the medical community for its accuracy, non-invasiveness, convenience, and...
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Survey Shows Skepticism In U.S. On Accuracy Of Non-Contact Temperature Screenings For COVID-19 And Its Variants

Americans Want Accuracy in Public Temperature Screenings A new national online survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Exergen Corporation shows that over two-thirds of Americans (68%) want thermometers to be used in public spaces to screening for COVID-19 and its variants during cold and flu season...
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Exergen Fights High Cost Of Healthcare And Impact Of Hospital Medical Waste On Climate Change With “Green Cash Flow” Trade-Up Program

One thing has remained constant with U.S. healthcare: it keeps getting more expensive. The American Medical Association reports1 that medical expenditures increased by 4.6% in 2019 to $3.8 trillion. This followed a 4.7% jump in 2018 and 4.6% increase in 2016. At the same time, medical waste is one of the top...
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Exergen Global is organizing a Free Webinar to Take Place on June 1, 2021 (EMEA) and June 3, 2021 (Americas)

The Webinars are to Share Clever Solutions for Accurate Non-Invasive Fluid Temperature Sensing in Medical Applications Exergen Global is organizing a series of webinars of which the second episode is focused on Exergen’s patented Heat Balance technology covering the following topics: - the advantages of unpowered IR sensors - the...
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Exergen Duke University Study Shows Corporate Senior Managers Endorse Ineffective Non-Contact Thermometer Screenings Against Medical Director’s Advice

Companies Implement Ineffective Screenings to Give Employees and Customers Misleading Reassurance A new study[1] published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) shows senior management overriding the advice of their medical directors regarding screening employees with non-contact thermometers. The study also shows non-contact thermometers are inaccurate, and those...
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How Measuring for Fever Every 20 Minutes Saved 8 Months Old Mahi

Through her tears, Mahi’s mother saw the temperature reading her thermometer had just produced - fever! “Please not my little baby girl who has already suffered so much in her life!”, she said to herself.  Many parents are desperate. They are hardly able to protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus....
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Ir/t Heat Balance Series for Medical Applications

The Heat Balance (HB) Series of IRt/c infrared thermocouples have the ability to measure the internal temperature of the target material, non-invasively, by employing a patented heat balance technique. A typical application in medical equipment is monitoring or controlling the temperature of fluid transported through disposable tubing when warming or...
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Exergen: New Study Shows Pro Athletes In Closed Campus “Bubble” Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 But Were Asymptomatic Did Not Transmit The Virus

A new study1 published by JAMA Network proves that individuals, in this case, young, healthy, male basketball players, who tested positive for COVID-19 but were asymptomatic, did not spread the virus despite being in a closed, isolation "bubble" over a period of months. Over approximately four months, nearly 4,000 basketball...
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Exergen Corporation Expands Into Switzerland

Signs marketing and distribution agreement with ITRIS Medical AG for the full line of professional non-invasive high-tech thermometers for hospitals and healthcare institutions   Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that it has signed a marketing and distribution contract with ITRIS...
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Measuring Tire Tread Internal Temperature

with the IRT/C-HB (Heat Balance) Series Infrared Thermocouple By its very nature, infrared measures surface temperature, but most material properties of interest relate to internal (bulk) temperatures. For many materials, such as metals, the gradient between the surface and internal temperatures is small enough to ignore. For other materials, such...
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Exergen: New CDC Study Reinforces Need For Accurate Temperature Taking When Screening For COVID-19

Non-Contact Thermometers Are Proven Inaccurate and Should Not Be Used   More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, there remains a disregard of proven science when it comes to how people, especially large groups in public spaces, are being screened for fever, the leading symptom of COVID-19. A new...
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