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Exergen: New CDC Study Reinforces Need For Accurate Temperature Taking When Screening For COVID-19

Non-Contact Thermometers Are Proven Inaccurate and Should Not Be Used   More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, there remains a disregard of proven science when it comes to how people, especially large groups in public spaces, are being screened for fever, the leading symptom of COVID-19. A new...
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Plate Readers

Increasing Throughput in Diagnostics Plate Reader Tecan Tecan, founded in Switzerland in 1980, is a leading global provider of laboratory instruments and solutions. The company has manufacturing, research, and development sites in Europe and North America and maintains a sales and service network in 52 countries. They specialize in the...
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Exergen Sensors Ensure Safety, Efficacy in Fluid Infusion for Medical Procedures

In a broad spectrum of medical procedures, infusing normothermic fluid is the key to better patient outcomes. That’s particularly true in trauma situations when quick delivery of blood products to patients is essential for their survival. In many of these instances, medical professionals rely on portable fluid infusion devices that...
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New Study From Top Institutions Shows Why Temperature Screening for Coronavirus With Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers Does Not Work

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic more than a year ago, widespread screenings among large numbers of people have been undertaken to limit the spread of the virus. Temperature checks have been the focal point of these screenings because fever is one of the earliest and most frequently reported...
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Special AutoSmart AGRI Assembly Solution for Leaf and Crop Temperature Measurements in Greenhouses   Exergen Global today announced the AGRI edition as its latest addition to its extensive AutoSmart IRt/c family line which already consisted of 11 AutoSmart IRt/c sensors. The AutoSmart Transmitter is the first transmitter in the world...
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Aspects of Increased Production Speeds

Via IR Control of Product Internal Temperature “Infrared temperature measurement methods of production processes are limited to material surfaces, and thus have a serious limitation in thermal process monitoring, particularly when considering speed increases. To overcome this limitation, a heat balance equation is derived in which the material surface temperature...
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FDA Warns That Thermal Imaging Systems Pose a Potential Danger to Public Health

Non-Contact Thermometers Have Been Proven to Miss 9 out of 10 Fevers   The FDA announced that improper use of thermal imaging systems leads to inaccurate temperature readings. This includes their use in public screenings for fever, the leading symptom of COVID-19. Peer-reviewed and published studies show that non-contact thermometers...
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New Program Urges Consumers and Medical Professionals to Trade Up their Non-Contact Thermometers Toward an Accurate Temporal Artery Thermometer

Non-contact thermometers still used widely for public screenings and in homes. The extensive evidence of their inaccuracies in detecting fever puts many people at risk of unknowingly transmitting COVID or delaying treatments.   Exergen Corporation, the maker of the #1 forehead thermometer sold nationwide and the only thermometer made in...
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IRT/C Repeatability and Long-Term Accuracy

The ability of the measuring device to maintain its calibration under service conditions and over a long period of time is of fundamental interest in temperature control. The IRt/c is rated at less than 0.1°C repeatabilities and has no measurable long-term calibration change, which makes it well suited for reliable...
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Exergen Corporation Expands into Thailand

Signs Marketing and Distribution Agreement with Earth Line Co. for the Full Line of Non-Invasive Temporal Artery Thermometers for Both Hospitals and At-Home Users   Exergen Corp, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that it has signed a marketing and distribution contract with...
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New Studies Show that People who are COVID-Positive with Symptoms are 26 Times More Likely to Spread the Virus Than Those Who Are Asymptomatic

Accurate Fever Detection is Essential, But Non–Contact Thermometers Fail to Detect 90% of Fevers When it comes to understanding the transfer of coronavirus, important new studies have determined that there is a significant difference between COVID-19 positive people who have symptoms, including fever, and COVID positive people who do not....
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Stellar Product MVPs Notable for their Essentialness Amid Pandemic Response

Taken from "2020-2021 Healthcare Product All-Stars"from the "Healthcare Purchasing News Author - Rick Dana Barlow To achieve "All-Star" status in anything business or sports-related, one likely is judged on his or her performance during a specified time frame, whether that's a calendar year, fiscal year, or playing season. In addition, the...
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Exergen Opens New Manufacturing Site in Methuen, Massachusetts (USA)

Drastically Increases Manufacturing Capacity to Meet the Huge Demand for Temporal Artery Thermometers Exergen, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, today announced that its a new manufacturing plant in Methuen, Massachusetts is now officially on-line. The new plant increases manufacturing capacity more than fourfold for...
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Monitoring Tire Temperature for Racing Performance with Non-Contact IR/Tc Sensors

General Information Tire temperature is of critical concern in automotive racing for two reasons: 1)     Tire temperature directly affects the tire’s adhesion and wear characteristics. For example, as it takes lap after lap around an oval track, a race car’s tires will begin to build up excessive heat...
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Supporting Nurses & Families At Risk

Exergen Launches Nurse Support Program to Ensure Access to an Accurate Thermometer at Home to Protect Themselves and Their Families Studies prove that patient-facing nurses and their households have a three- and two-fold increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, respectively. New vaccines promise to reduce the risks, but they are not...
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