Exertherm Electrical Monitoring


QHi-Group has been working closely with Exergen Corporation to pioneer the application of infrared technology in industry over the past 20 years. This collaboration led to the design and joint development of the core IR sensor technology (IRt/c.EM™) within the QHi Group Exertherm™ system, which is specifically designed to provide continuous 24×7 Thermal Monitoring of mission critical electrical equipment e.g. monitoring increase in heat on key busbar terminations. IRt/c.EM™ sensors measure the target temperature in relation to the surrounding ambient with the signal indicating the °C /°F rise on ambient (ΔT).

This Exergen IRt/c.EM™ patent protected IR technology, provided the “Next Technology Step” from periodic thermal inspections (usually 1 day per year & carried out externally to the panel/ enclosures ), to the ability to place small, plastic housed, non-contact IR sensors, which require no external power and have lifetime calibration INSIDE enclosures, detecting and indentifying the location of potential problems at an early stage of development.

Sensors connect to the Exertherm™ data acquisition cards (max 8 per card), which collect, condition & transmit the data to the host system via industry standard Modbus protocol.

Exertherm™ system features/benefits include:

  • Small, non-contact IR sensors that provide ΔT reading
  • Prediction of electrical failure BEFORE the event via user definable alarms / historical trending
  • Increased device reliability & uptime
  • Improved facility and operator safety (Arc Flash & NFPA-70E)
  • Integrated real-time data [BMS / EMS / SCADA] 24×7 365 days a year
  • Unique definable thermal map when combined with load data from metering

Contact QHi-Group today to find out how Exertherm™ 24×7 Thermal Monitoring can continuously protect your mission critical facility, reduce the risk of electrical failure and increase safety by predicting potential arc flash development.


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