Exergen BSD, LLCEngineering and Consulting Specializing in Solutions for HVAC Systems

Consulting Team 

The inception of Exergen began over 40 years ago with a vision to be the best at what we do.

Dr. Pompei's vision has been the driving energy behind BSD. His temperature scanners and host of inventions used in industrial and medical markets has set a new standard for temperature accuracy with applications that have changed the way the world takes temperature.

Mr. Anthony's consulting and construction experience is from years in the HVAC industry. Our design solutions focus on both the common and uncommon problems. We are comfortable with design ideas tested “on site” where creativity and insights are all at hand. Many of our most practical system designs have been generated in a client's MER. We believe that our most reliable mechanical design solutions have been cultivated from spending time in our client's building. Our continued on site reviews during construction insures that our design intent is maintained through start-up & turnover to the client.

Our “VAC unit – dewpoint control approach” for climate control applications has created systems that provide highly reliable space control with minimal system maintenance and operational attention, and with low operating costs compared to traditional design methods. Our design methodology is changing the way Institutions provide their Climate Control Conditioning.

BSD's consulting team has over 100 years of collective mechanical engineering experience to focus on our client's HVAC or Climate Control system design or problems to be solved.


Hank L. Anthony

Henry L. Anthony, President of Exergen BSD, LLC; Engineering and consulting specializing in solutions for HVAC systems, Watertown, MA. Past Vice President / General Manager and former Director of Engineering for Exergen Corporation, Building Service Division. He has been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years (ten years as a project designer for a mechanical contractor). He received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England College in 1974. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Massachusetts. His responsibilities include mechanical system designs that provide space climate control and HVAC conditions that serve: museums, libraries, storage depository’s, vivariums, laboratories, schools and offices. He guides clients with system insights to understand and solve systematic problems and then generates a system methodology to refine a building’s “operating philosophy” in order to improve the system’s performance and the occupants’ comfort with minimal energy consumption.

Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

Hank Anthony, P.E.
Email: EBSHLA@AOL.com
Cell: 617-686-6278
Office: 617-926-1217


Bob Wiffin

Graduate of Worcester State University, BS

Responsibilities include the input and editing to AutoCAD of all project drawings of mechanical systems and related documents. Managing and maintaining all output of project documents for clients or project architects.

Bob Wiffin
Email: EBSRTW@AOL.com
Cell: 508-723-4886
Office: 617-926-1217