Author: Bob Harris

Exergen Duke University Study Shows Corporate Senior Managers Endorse Ineffective Non-Contact Thermometer Screenings Against Medical Director’s Advice

Companies Implement Ineffective Screenings to Give Employees and Customers Misleading Reassurance A new study[1] published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) shows senior management overriding the advice of their medical directors regarding screening employees with non-contact thermometers…. Read more »

Ir/t Heat Balance Series for Medical Applications

The Ir/t Heat Balance Series for Medical Applications

The Heat Balance (HB) Series of IRt/c infrared thermocouples have the ability to measure the internal temperature of the target material, non-invasively, by employing a patented heat balance technique. A typical application in medical equipment is monitoring or controlling the… Read more »

Exergen Corporation Expands Into Switzerland

Exergen Corporation Expands Into Switzerland

Signs marketing and distribution agreement with ITRIS Medical AG for the full line of professional non-invasive high-tech thermometers for hospitals and healthcare institutions   Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that… Read more »

Measuring Tire Tread Internal Temperature

with the IRT/C-HB (Heat Balance) Series Infrared Thermocouple By its very nature, infrared measures surface temperature, but most material properties of interest relate to internal (bulk) temperatures. For many materials, such as metals, the gradient between the surface and internal… Read more »

Plate Readers

Exergen - Tecan

In addition to providing the right sensor, Exergen helped Tecan design the optimal customized electronics solution for reading out the sensor data wirelessly.

Aspects of Increased Production Speeds

Via IR Control of Product Internal Temperature “Infrared temperature measurement methods of production processes are limited to material surfaces, and thus have a serious limitation in thermal process monitoring, particularly when considering speed increases. To overcome this limitation, a heat… Read more »