Webinar – June 2 – Why non-contact temperature sensors can play an essential role in speeding up drying processes

| June 1, 2022
For high speed printing processes, the limiting factor on the productivity of the equipment is usually ink drying time. Minimizing drying time will set you apart from your competition. To maximize printing speed without quality loss, it is important to be able to determine quickly when the printed substrate is sufficiently dry or fused. This holds for water soluble inks in paper or packaging printing, or textile printing, but also for UV curable inks for various other substrates.
We will explain:
·        How IR temperature sensors can be employed to monitor and control various drying and curing processes.
·        In what stages of the drying or curing process is measuring temperature valuable
·        How do you install and mount the sensors to obtain reliable, reproducible and accurate temperature measurements, and
·        How can the obtained data be used to speed up drying and curing processes without sacrificing quality.
1.   Why temperature is important in drying and curing processes in various applications
2.   How to measure temperature reliably and reproducibly with non-contact IR sensors
3.   How to use measurement data to speed up the drying and curing processes
4.   Return on investment
Of course we will step you through some unique technologies like our speedboost program and Sensoranics, our unique customization approach.
The goal is more than ambitious: Attendees will learn how to apply state of the art IR sensor technology to gain insight in their drying and curing processes, and how to use this knowledge to speed up the processes, resulting in higher production and profitability.
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