Webinar: Clever IR Solutions for Agriculture and Greenhouse Applications

| November 22, 2021

Clever IR is presenting Infrared temperature solutions in agriculture and greenhouses: Maximizing sustainable crop yield by optimizing climate conditions.

This webinar will explain the benefits of infrared temperature sensing in agriculture and greenhouses for precision farming.

The Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT) has revolutionary potential called The Third Green Revolution. A smart web of sensors, cameras, robots, drones and other connected devices allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making.

The goal is more than ambitious: to make precision farming a reality and to take a vital step towards a more sustainable food production outcome using precise and resource-efficient approaches. Objective is that smart farming will finally realize the goal of feeding a fast-growing population (9.6 billion by 2050) in a sustainable and efficient manner.


  • Role of temperature management: contact versus non contact
  • How to optimize crop yields
  • How to adjust plant temperature, in correspondence with light, humidity and ambient temperature
  • Benefits of non-contact IRt/c sensors

To learn more, please sign up below:
North, Central and South America – Thursday 2nd of December – 1 pm (EDT)


Dr. Ir. Govert Trouwborst – Researcher at Plant Lighting
Bram Stelt – CEO Clever IR

We will make sure that there is enough time to ask questions, and it speaks we will provide you with the presentation after the webinar.

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