Exergen Global Announces General Availability of Extreme IRt/c

| December 10, 2015

On December 8, Exergen Global announced general availability if it’s Extreme IRt/c, a non-contact temperature sensor. The new sensor has the ability to obtain readings under extreme conditions; at temperatures ranging from -50 to 1200 °F. The sensor features ultra-rugged housing that protects it from extreme vibrations, shifts in pressure and other acute ambient changes.

“The Extreme IRt/c is an outstanding example of the way in which Exergen employs its Sensoranics™ methodology to develop unique temperature sensor solutions,” said Exergen Global CEO Bart Van Liempd.  The sensor was first developed for a defense contractor whose client needed to measure temperatures pertaining to military aircrafts. Along with being used for military purposes, the Extreme IRt/c is well suited for use in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing where temperature and air pressure undergo dramatic shifts.


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