Her 3 Little Thinkers Reviews Exergen’s SmartGlow Thermometer

| June 1, 2015

Nikki from Her 3 Little Thinkers blog recently reviewed the Exergen SmartGlow Thermometer. Nikki explains that she has 4 children and 2 of them are very young. In addition, her three year old is often sick and at that age it is difficult for ear and standard thermometers to read an accurate temperature. Nikki states that she was really excited to try the Exergen Temporal Scanner when she was first introduced to it.

The blogger then goes on to detail some of the main features of the Exergen SmartGlow Thermometer. Nikki really likes that she can “use this on my littles without even waking them up or turning on the lights” because of the illuminated display.  Furthermore, the thermometer automatically saves the last 8 temperature readings so users have the ability to look at previous readings. The thermometer also has a programmable beeper to indicate that it is taking a temperature, which can be turned off if desired. The blogger also notes that it comes with a plastic cover to protect the sensor as well as keep it clean. In addition, the thermometer shuts off after 30 seconds in case users forget to turn it off. Nikki closes the review by saying “I like this thermometer more than any that I have EVER owned.”

Read the full article here- http://her3littlethinkers.com/smartglow-thermometer-review/