Another Happy Blogger…!

| May 27, 2015

Krista from Savory Savings blog recently reviewed the Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer.  Like many mothers, Krista explains that it is difficult to get sick kids to sit still long enough to take their temperature.  Using the Exergen Thermometer she says, to get an accurate temperature, there is no need to hold kids down, instead “just a simply swipe” across their forehead.

The blogger further explains how easy the thermometer is with its illuminated display and quick temperature reading, in about two seconds. In addition, the thermometer has a silent mode feature so you can take sleeping children’s temperature without disturbing them. The blogger also states that another great feature is the memory bank that retains the last eight temperature readings for easy tracking.  Lastly, the thermometer can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Krista concludes the reviews by saying “I like that I can easily check the girls’ temperatures when they are sick, without disturbing them and will definitely recommend it to friends and give as a baby shower gift!”