The Simple Moms Features the Exergen SmartGlow Thermometer

| January 15, 2015

exergen_simple moms

The Simple Moms blog recently featured the Exergen SmartGlow Thermometer. The blogger, Gina, is a mother of three and describes how troublesome it was to take her childrens’ temperature. This was because of a variety of reasons such as the child being to squirmy or having an ear infection so an ear thermometer would have been cruel. Gina goes on to say how simple the Exergen Thermometer is to use, “You simply scan the thermometer across the forehead for an accurate reading in a few seconds.”


Furthermore, Gina explains that the Exergen Thermometer captures the heat emitted from the temporal artery over the head. In addition, the thermometer takes into account the temperature of the room, in order to not give an incorrect body temperature reading. Gina declares “…it’s quick and painless, you can even get an accurate reading on a sleeping child.”


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