New Study Recommends Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer Use in Pediatric ER Settings

| February 24, 2014

A study published in International Emergency Nursing states that temporal artery (TA) thermometers — vs. mercury or digital axillary thermometers — “are recommended especially in pediatric emergency settings, where an accurate, quick and safe body temperature measurement is of vital importance.”

The aim of the study was to compare children's temperatures taken with mercury and digital axillary thermometers with those obtained with a temporal artery thermometer. The analysis of the temperatures taken with each of the three methods revealed a mean difference of 0.6* C between TA thermometer and glass-mercury thermometer and 0.9* C between digital thermometer and TA thermometer. The difference between these values was found to be consistent with the range provided in the literature. The researchers also concluded that the use of TA thermometers may provide an accurate and time efficient solution, especially for nurses working in pediatric emergency departments, and a viable option that will increase staff productivity.

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