Exergen Waves Goodbye to Dr. Bose!

| July 17, 2013


This past weekend, we've lost a founder, technical director, chairman, and teacher, Dr. Amar Bose. As an engineer I have admired his accomplishments and contributions to the world. The Bose Corporation has purchased Exergen D501 microscanners and IRt/c's in the past and our founder Dr. Frank Pompei has the same philosophies as Dr. Bose had, every day Frank is educating employees, sales partners, engineers, nurses, and doctors on infrared temperature technology. Frank's son, Joe (another Dr. Pompei) worked for Bose and started Holosonics.

On behalf of Exergen, we thank Dr. Bose for his contributions, our condolences go out to the Bose family, Bose employees and friends. Godspeed Dr. Bose!

Bob Harris
Industrial Sales/Marketing Manager
Exergen Corporation
617.923.9900 ext 6238

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