DX and D Series Microscanners

The Only Certified Accurate NIST Traceable Infrared Temperature Instruments in the World

DX-Series – Handheld Precision IR Thermometers




Top Ten REasons Why the DX is Far Superior then other IR Devices

  1. No contact errors
  2. No time based errors
  3. No heat sinking errors
  4. No friction heating errors
  5. No emissivity shift errors
  6. No preset emissivity errors
  7. No user adjustments errors
  8. RS232 option for data logging
  9. 100 millisecond response time
  10. No background reflection errors

Calibration/Repair Services:

The DX is factory calibrated under high quality standards. Because there are no mechanical adjustments, the instrument is able to maintain its calibration through vibration and normal use. No field calibration is necessary. Calibration certificates for ISO requirements are available thorough our calibration service, which provides traceable before and after data with the model and serial # of your unit, and the date of calibration.

We also provide repair services, if the unit is older than 2 years it is not covered under warranty and the flat fee for repairs with calibration is $100 (USD). See our RMA form.

Pricing Information
To obtain pricing information, please contact your local distributor, or call the factory at
(617) 923-9900.
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